Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching

Our focus is on contemporary singing styles: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Folk, Indie etc. We have a wide understanding of various vocal techniques and choices needed to sing within these genres. Vocal health is important to us, so we will always guide you towards healthy, sustainable vocal production while allowing your voice to develop naturally.

We believe that every voice is unique and the training of it must also be. Our voice studio is here to allow you the opportunity to release your voice. Be it singing or speaking, we are here to support and guide you through your vocal journey. 

Our vocal services are tailored to your needs, to help you overcome any vocal barriers you face. You will never be judged. We will believe in you and your ability to become the singer or speaker you aim to be.

    What you can expect from working with us

    • Increased confidence in your voice
    • Increased vocal range, power, stamina and vocal freedom
    • Healthy, efficient and natural vocal production
    • Greater understanding of your voice and how it functions
    • Motivation and encouragement towards reaching your goals
    • We will never ‘change your voice’, we will discover and develop your voice the way you want through the music you enjoy
    • We have expert knowledge and over 15 years experience of working with singers
    • Continuing development – We strive to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in vocal science, pedagogy and the singing industry. We develop our skills so we can continue to provide the support and guidance you deserve.

    Singing Lessons or Vocal Coaching – what’s the difference?

      Singing Lessons to build and strengthen the foundation

      It is our belief that everyone can sing, no-one needs to ‘learn’ but you can 100% develop, grow and excel. How you do that is completely unique to you, and we have a diverse knowledge to help you accomplish this.

      Our singing lessons would suit those who have little to no singing experience and might consider themselves a beginner. Singing lessons will have elements of vocal coaching but will focus more on technique and learning how to use your instrument.

      These are recommended for younger age groups and adults who would like to develop their singing voice. Singing lessons are 30 or 45 mins long.

      Vocal Coaching for refinement and ascension to a professional

      Our vocal coaching and mentoring is for those who have singing experience but have either hit a wall with your vocal development or want to take your singing ability further. You might be struggling maintaining your voice throughout gigs or shows or need support in moving your singing career forward. Our vocal coaching can involve a multitude of elements to guide you Vocal coaching is very much tailored to your needs and goals. Vocal coaching is 45 or 60 min.

      If you are unsure which is more suitable for you then please get in touch and tell us about you and we can advise you further.

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